About us

HoneyPi was founded in 2018 as a university project by students of the Duale Hochschule Karlsruhe. The project was developed in the 6th semester for the development of an embedded device for the area Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is the name given to technologies that network objects with each other and can be operated via a human-machine interface.

The busy bees behind HoneyPi ?

Beekeeper and software developer
Mail: [email protected]
Social: LinkedIn

Android App developer
Mail: [email protected]
Social: Xing

Beekeeper, hardware and software developer
Mail: [email protected]

Thank you to all our supporters.

In the course of time numerous beekeepers and hobbyists have enriched HoneyPi with their ideas and contributions! As a community project we benefit from each other and thank everyone who has done their part for smart bee monitoring.

Translated 21.07.2019 by JK

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