HoneyPi – beehive scale

HoneyPi – the smart beehive scale to build yourself. As uncomplicated as possible with user-friendly interfaces for PC and Smartphone.

To the original article: Our motivation and why at all a measuring system at the apiary?

The HoneyPi benefits at a glance

  • The cheapest and simplest do-it-yourself solution
  • Measurement of temperature, humidity, weight etc.
  • Live visualization of measurement data thanks to free ThingSpeak
  • No monthly fees, no own web server or something similar
  • Rebuilding of the measuring system even without IT knowledge
  • Intuitive user interface for configuration of sensors
  • Android App and iOS App for the view of bee colonies
  • Flexible expandability with additional sensors
  • Maintenance mode that pauses continuous measurements (by pressing a key)
  • Smart connections (theft & swarm alarm, IFTTT etc.)
  • Thanks to Raspberry Pi and open source system easy expandability with RaspiCam etc.
  • Independent power supply thanks to WITTY Pi Mini and solar panel
  • Contact person and helpful helper community (also on Facebook)
  • Many more features are planned! Stay tuned ?.

Thank you! For your always positive feedback.

A year ago I started beekeeping and thought about the possibility to build a bee scale with my Arduino. How am I supposed to say project stopped was too much expenditure for me. Then I came to your website and bought a Raspberry. After some difficulties, which all were to be solved by reading on your side, the balance runs now for 6 weeks.
Today I installed the new firmware in 20 min and am just building the 2 scales. The parts cost me about 120€ the load cell from Bosche was the most expensive. As switch for the maintenance mode a magnet switch is built in.

Michael B. – April 2019

Thank you again for your work, hobby beekeepers like me can operate or own a stick scale to monitor their peoples!
Those in the trade are unfortunately for a small beekeeping too expensive and/or not profitable. I also send you a picture where the scales have found their place in my bee chalet!

Hannes R. – February 2019

Great work you’re doing – the first smart bee scale that you can get to work as a non-IT person. I have tried a lot of things […] but everything is much too complex. With you it works better and easier – Honey Pi has the potential to become the standard among the stock scales 2.0…

Martin M. – January 2019

Was thinking for a long time whether I buy a beehive scale and if yes which one. Only honey.pi convinced me of the costs. After I bought a Raspberry Pi Zero W for 14, 50€, the Bosche load cell for about 60€ and the AD-converter on ebay and some wires. I was actually under 100 €. The image could easily be copied to the SD card. I think who is not so fit with the PC can get the Image + SD card from honey-pi.de for a small contribution towards expenses. Plug the card into the Raspberry and let the system boot up 2 pins on the Raspberry bridge and I have Wlan and can set up the system. Very simple. First I was convinced by the price, then I was just thrilled. […] A beehive scale for > 200 € makes no sense for me as a hobby beekeeper. But in the end everyone has to decide for himself. I am very satisfied with honey-pi.de

Daniel M. – January 2019
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