Circuit diagram and sensors

The beehive scales structure.

For the sake of simplicity, the Internet connection via Surfstick or WLAN and the power supply were not included in this schematic.


  • A/D converter (HX711) for the load cells:
    • VCC at Pin 02/5V (better a 3,3V Pin)
    • GND at Pin 06/Ground
    • DT at Pin 29/GPIO5
    • SCK at Pin 31/GPIO6
  • Breeding chamber temperature sensors (DS18B20):
    • Pin 17/3.3V
    • Pin 14/Ground
    • GPIO11
  • Temperature, humidity, air pressure and air quality (BME680):
    • VCC at Pin 04/5V
    • GND at Pin 09/Ground
    • SCK at Pin 05/SCL
    • SDI at Pin 03/SDA
  • Button for switching between maintenance and measuring mode:
    • Pin 01/3.3V
    • GPIO16

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In the schematic above not all sensors supported by us are shown, because various sensors can be connected flexibly.

  • Temperature and humidity (DHT11/DHT22):
    • Pin 17/3.3V
    • Pin 14/Ground
    • arbitrary free GPIO (z.B. GPIO9)
  • Status display (LED):
    • Pin 40/GPIO21
    • Pin 30/GND

Other supported sensors:

  • BME280 (Temperature + Humidity + Air Pressure)
  • MAX6675 and MAX31855 ( Temperature)
  • PCF8591 (battery voltage measurement) [from version v1.0]

Translated 28.07.2019 by JK

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