On this page the articles, which are to explain the do-it-yourself work, are linked. The manuals are organized into two sections: hardware and software manuals.

Overview of the HoneyPi system structure.

Installing the hardware

  1. Define decision for desired structure
  2. Selection of desired sensors
    1. Humidity & Temperature: DHT22/DHT11
    2. Breeding section temperature: DS18b20
    3. Air Pressure & Quality: BME680
    4. Weight measurement
  3. Order components: Shopping list
  4. Inserting or soldering components: Plug-in diagram
  5. Configuring the Surfstick and the SIM card
  6. Download firmware (image) and write to memory card
  7. Build waterproof housing for outdoor installation

Instructions for the software

  1. How and where is the measurement data stored?
  2. Create and configure your ThingSpeak account
  3. Configuring HoneyPi via Maintenance Mode
  4. Set up “Smart Extensions”
  5. Our HoneyPi Apps

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