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Autonomous power supply at the apiary

Normally there is no power supply at the apiary, therefore this article is dedicated to the autonomous power supply of the Raspberry Pis (RPi). The Raspberry Pi 3 B needs 5.1V and 3A as optimal input voltage. Compared to other boards like the Arduino or the ESP8266 this is a lot. Nevertheless such a power supply can be… Read More »

A/D converter (HX711)

An A/D converter is required for the weight sensors (load cells). Unlike other boards, such as the Arduino or the ESP32, the Raspberry Pi has no integrated A/D converter. An A/D converter converts the analog signal into digital values. Therefore we need this 3 Euro component for the Raspberry Pi. Number of load cells per Raspberry Pi The… Read More »

Maintenance mode (web interface)

Switching between maintenance mode and measuring mode If the connected button ? or button with LED ? is pressed on the Raspberry Pi, the maintenance mode starts. In maintenance mode, the Raspberry Pis WLAN turns on and creates an Access Point (AP). The continuous measurement is paused. This means that no measurements are recorded during maintenance mode. The… Read More »

Load cells

Good load cells can also be taken from personal scales or kitchen scales. One example is the kitchen scale “IDEENWELT digitale Küchenwaage” from Rossmann, which has a capacity of only 5kg and therefore too small. A bee colony should be able to measure a range between 50-150kg (depending on the weight of the hive). The article Rebuild platform… Read More »